Medium Minimal Planter

  • $55.20

The Minimal Planter is a simple, minimal design that will incorporate well into any space and pair well with a wide range of plant shapes. Each planter is handmade in America using a fine porcelain clay and finished in our signature glaze. Each piece comes with a hole in the base and bottom dish to collect excess water. Perfect size for side tables and shelving accents.

Planter: 8.5" d x 7.25" h

Drainage Dish: 7.75" d x 1" h (Included)

A lot of what I have in my home has been purchased from big box stores. I really felt the need to start bringing in handmade items to break away from the cookie cutter space I've created. I want a home that feels layered and grounded. These planters are helping me do that. They're simple, sophisticated, and really very special."